Project Case study

Here is a case study to show briefly how our team interacts with the client. In this case we are using The Cleaning Hub for our example.




Web Design

Logo Design

Leaflet Design

Branding & Social Media

Creative Process

The creative process involves the whole team. This is where we all put our creative hats on and brainstorm for a few hours. This is also where the most coffee and biscuits are consumed.

Market Research

When we recieve a new project, we always first pinpoint the competition in their particular field. In this case we searched for cleaning companies in the Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas.

Client Feedback

We approach the client with the ideas and designs and discuss how well the information interacts with them and their company. This process is key to the finished product.

Responsive Design

Once we know what the competitors are we can go ahead and storyboard a design that makes the client stand out from the rest. We put together images and statements to accompany the ideas.

Other Services

The services we provide are discussed with the client and they needed help with Branding and Social Media. We discussed designs for a Website, Logo, Leaflets and a Social Media presence.

Website Features

The website needed to be  dynamic, responsive and user friendly. The client wanted a clean, refreshing look with a minimun of fuss. We came up with a flowing, clean look with appropriate imagery and textual statements.

The website had to convey that the client had several services for both domestic and commercial cleaning. We achieved this by seperating services on the relevant pages and showcasing the services provided via bullet points or relevant leading headings.


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Idea

Mobile and Tablet friendly

User friendly

Social Media

We developed pages across the 3 main social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with appropriate usernames.

Final Logo Design

The logo was designed with a house and water droplet to encompass the idea of house cleaning.

Leaflet Design

Leaflet was designed in accordance to the design of the website.

Some stats from start to finish of project

Days to complete



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